Saturday, 13 April 2013

NaPoWriMo - something light-hearted

April 13th

I'm aware that the poems I have posted so far are a little........sad (you thought I was going to say awful didn't you?!).  I do enjoy a good wallow in poetry I must admit.  Anyway, today I am posting something a little more light-hearted, well I hope it is or maybe that's my weird sense of humour!  There was no particular prompt for this and it kind of went off in its own direction so I went with it.  Have a great day folks.


They come now all of a sudden;
all these years and not a glimpse;
sceptical me had to see to believe -
even now I dismiss them as tricks of the eye
for they pass in a sliver, not quite there…..
but I know.

Is it because I’m older that they haunt?
Wearing me down, a warning perhaps
that I’m soon to go with them.
I could taunt my family and friends I suppose -
I’d like that; get my own back….
and they’d say….

She never believed and now look at her
floating the floor of the dining room,
moving the plates and whispering words.
I could stand in a doorway and just …LOOM!
There’s fun to be had here but not yet……
I’m really not ready for that.

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