Thursday, 4 April 2013

NaPoWriMo - 3rd poem

April 3rd

Sorry this didn't actually appear yesterday but I left home before the prompts were up on the sites and by the time I got to them and had written my offering it had gone 11pm and I needed my bed.  So here it is.  This time I used the prompt from the actual NaPoWriMo site because it appealed to me.  The object was to write a Sea Shanty.  Anyone got a tune?!  (Hopefully back later with today's poem)

When the North Wind Blows

When the north wind blows across the sea
And the sky is black as the devil’s grave
There’s sails to set to keep on course
And we battle lads with every wave.

Chorus:            So heave ho and take the strain
Ride the storm to calmer shores
Listen for your sweetheart’s voice
And row for home, for home my boys.

The lightning strikes and thunder roars
And the rain beats down like there’re arrow heads
All drenched and cold we skid the deck
No rest tonight, so soft warm beds.


So don’t give in but fight my lads
Homeland awaits and a girl at your side
Dream of the day when we return
On a gentle sway of the morning tide.


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