Monday, 22 April 2013

Ideas into poetry

April 22nd

Poems can come from anywhere.  Sometimes we need prompts, sometimes they just seem to arrive and virtually write themselves.  I have used some prompts throughout this April exercise when I needed a quick start or a new idea that perhaps I haven't thought about before.  Today's poem came from reading Quiet Spaces (a sort of alternative everyday Bible study - more creative based and spiritual).  The passage today was looking at Matthew 6:28 'consider the lillies of the field.' The word to concentrate on was consider.  We were asked to consider an object, a pen, say and all it does, it's relationship to us, its knocks and scratches - really to consider it in great detail.  After reading the passage I was drawn to write a poem and below is the result of that.  Never disregard any idea even if it's one line or a few words.  You can always go back to them and see where it leads you.

Ode to The OfficeTeam Mini Ballpoint Pen

Functional and small enough to slip into my micro handbag
you write nicely, smooth and are a comfortable fit in my hand.
Your potential to produce words flow on to the page in blue ink.
Actually, you aren’t really mine but I have adopted you,
teeth marks on your top are your baptism into life.
I enjoy your company, the feel of your royal blue
plastic casing rolled between my fingers.
We know what to expect from one another.
You may not be showy, have a designed name,
a cap or a click in/out facility but you do for me.
You meet my requirements
and because you are different from all the others
you stand out and I can always find you.

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