Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Small Stones (8) +

A week into writing 'small stones' and it's good for me, mainly because right now I have less time to write full blown poems due of other commitments.  It keeps the creative juices flowing so I can tick over until I have more time again and it makes me write something, however small, everyday while observing the world around me.

There is a nice piece about self discipline in today's Mindful Writing Booster email from Writing our Way Home . It make an encouraging read.  Why not sign up for a free booster now.

Here is my small stone for today:

Vapour trails criss-cross the sky,
sun lit, pinky skin toned on baby blue,
where birds arrow through,
their morning chorus now done with,
off to do whatever birds do
between the song and the next meal.

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