Friday, 14 December 2012

Made it!

At the last minute I wacked off an entry to Magma for their poems between 11-80 lines.  I'd been searching for one for the up to 10 lines but the only decent one I had is in the OU Poets Workbook waiting to see if it gets enough votes for the anthology (I have others waiting on the same thing but only one poem by each member can go in).  I decided not to risk this as if it was voted in I'd have the embarrassment of withdrawing it from Magma.  So I had to find a longer poem.  When I'd done all the online stuff I panicked because I'd been too quick about it and not checked how many lines I'd got and for a moment I thought I'd entered the wrong competition!  Checking back I was relieved to find all was well.  I should not do these things when I'm under pressure and I'm also supposed to be cooking an evening meal and the natives are champing at the bit.  Will I learn?  Probably not!

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