Thursday, 4 October 2012

Runner-up with Folyes

Something green and calming
Hells bells when things happen they happen at once.  I've just heard that I have been awarded a runner-up prize in the Foyles Childhood Memories competition.  This was a poem of precisely 48 words, if I remember correctly and it had to be about a favourite childhood book.  Apparently the standard of entries was very high and came down to just two.  There was only one prize but they said mine deserved recognition and so they were awarding me a runner-up prize!  My prize is the book The Angel of the Stories by John Simmons, who has kindly agreed to give Foyles a second copy.

I was jumping about, hands in the air, unable to believe this.  I am so overjoyed and feel very privileged.

This seems to have been a crazy three weeks but I am not complaining.  I just want it to go on!

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