Friday, 27 July 2012 latest inspiration

To be honest I've not written a great deal lately.  Having just finished a course I was taking a breather, catching up on some reading, spending far too long online trying to piece together part of my family tree and well, it's been too hot!

However, whilst reading a book about the Bronte sisters through poems (theirs and others)  and photography an explanation behind one of the poems hit a nerve.  I had to put down the book and write!  Wow! I love it when that happens.

I rarely buy The National Geographic Magazine.  Usually its something on the cover, some story that interests me makes me buy it.  This time it was about Easter Island, somewhere that has always fascinated me. But it wasn't that story that gave me an idea for another poem, it was a little snippet about cursive writing, just one paragraph.  Again I had to put the magazine down and write. This piece is more prose than poetry.  Neither poems would have been written had I not been reading.  They came out of the blue, not subject I would have normally written about.

Maybe the trend will last and something else I read will spark off some poetry.  Reading widely is great for this.  So if when reading an article, story or even another poem something gets into your head, stop and write it down.  If you don't it might be lost for ever.

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