Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Controversial poetry

I've been reading a lot about an anothology of poetry written by the Taliban.  There have been lots of comments about whether we should publish such a book, whether it is right.  Being a democracy is one of the strengths in this country so do we want to be like them (Taliban) and ban this book because we might not agree?  When I think about the Taliban I think of all the things they have banned that bring people pleasure.  I'd like to know where in the Qu'ran it says we should not listen to music.  I do believe that even the Taliban sing and I think I read that an instrument, maybe a flute, is allowed.  Their poems are what has been described as 'the softer side' where they talk of laughter and blossom.  Do have a look at The Day site which has a good article and links to other sites (The Guardian has some of the poems on their blog - 1st link under Become an Expert on The Day blog).  What do you think?

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