Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Writer's Block? No brain paralysis!

You know how it is when you can't get your thoughts organised?  It's not writer's block, more brain paralysis!  That happened at class last week.  We had a 'supply tutor' as ours was away and this one teaches Life Writing at the college, though poetry is her thing.  She gave us a writing exercise based on observance of an object (mine was a tea strainer).  I wrote plenty of notes and even a line a I really liked but from that I couldn't form my thoughts together in the fifteen minutes we had to write a poem!  I had ideas but nothing I could hang on to.  I felt very disappointed as everyone else managed it.  We then work-shopped our poems and that went a lot better.  Feedback was good and useful, enabling me to re-write the last stanza and tweak a few words.  I might take it back and see if everyone approves when we work-shop again.

Also at home I managed to finally write a poem based on my notes from the writing exercise (possibly because I was more relaxed!).  It's not a competition winner but a 'nice' poem, I think.

This Saturday I am attending a Writers' Day in Bromley, Kent organised by ACW and with the chance to meet Liz Babbs, whose blog I follow.

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