Saturday, 4 February 2012

Echoes and ideas

I am somewhat still glowing after my poem was work-shopped on Thursday.  Everyone really like it and my tutor described it as Bronte style known as pathetic fallacy, meaning the echo of landscape and weather that echo the emotions of a person.  In  my case it was the repairing of a house echoing the emotions of the couple who live there.  My tutor even asked me if I would submitting it somewhere.  Another student said the poem reminded her of the style of writing of poet Paula Fox, not someone I am familiar with and from my searching online she seemed to write more books than anything.  Anyway, this praise certainly cancelled out the negative of  receiving notifications that I had not won, nor were short listed in the two recent competitions I entered.

I've also done a little writing, pose poetry mainly, ideas that came to me when I was in bed (on one of those nights when getting back to sleep seemed impossible!)  I wrote four draft poems.  They are still in my notebook and haven't yet made it to computer.  They are all about childhood (not necessarily mine!).  I seem to have been writing a few poems based on childhood in the last few months and I already have a title in my head for a collection, should I ever get that far!

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