Friday, 13 January 2012

New faces and old friends

It's always a struggle going out at night in the winter time an even leaving for my course at about 4.20pm is an effort!  But last night it was still light enough for me to to take the cut-through the park (I'd never go through there in the dark) to the station.

In class there were three new faces and four from the previous term.  We began by those awkward introductions!  Our tutor gave us an overview of the term and we then looked at couplets and discussed three poems - one by Don Patterson and two by Gillian Allnutt - quite intense for a first night back!  We ended with a writing exercise as we started to think about rhyming.  It was quite frustrating to a few of us who weren't sure what we were doing or how to go about it!  Basically we started off with a word for an object in the middle of the page, then in the four corners write a word to connect with that object.  Next to each word we then had to write a description of that word and finally to find a complete rhyme for each of those words.  The object was then to write a sentence for each of those rhymed words using that key word at the end of the sentence.  Still with me? Um, it wasn't easy but there may just be a poem in it! As usual I couldn't think of words to write but at least I ended up with words that easily rhymed with other words.  This was my feeble attempt:

paper   page                                                                                                   leather     cow
                                                                                                                      weather   sow
Black words on paper
A story on a page
Light from a taper


smell  hide                                                                                                    touch    wood
tell     glide                                                                                                   much     stood  
well   wide                                                                                                   such      good
fell    side

I am sure you can all do better.  We ran out of time to complete the exercise but of course these things can be added to homework - which this week is to take a draft of poem in next week to workshop.                                                                  

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