Saturday, 7 January 2012

A book to get you writing!

I've just bought the book Writing Poetry by W.N.Herbert.  This was recommended by my poetry tutor and I can see where she gets some of her ideas for class work!  I have only just started the book but it is packed with good advice and exercises.  This book is used by the Open University as part of their Creative Writing course.  At the moment I am working through the drafting section and already I have two pieces of work in two different stages to use. This is  not a book to rush through, you need time to work through several exercises within a chapter but this is well thought out, taking you through the process of writing a poem from scratch, step by step.  If you don't know how to go about putting ideas on paper, or lack the initial ideas, or even if you know how to go about it but want a new approach, this is a book I would thoroughly recommend.  It is like having your own personal tutor.  There are discussions with poets about either a particular poem or poetry writing in general (poets include Vicki Feaver, Gillian Allnutt, Sean O'Brien and Jo Shapcott.  Chapters are - drafting, line, voice, imagery, rhyme, form and theme.  This is definitely one to have on your shelf (even though I have no more room!!)

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