Tuesday, 13 December 2011

What will you be doing next year?

If you didn't sign up to any writing courses in the autumn, now is a good time to do it as part of your New Years' resolution!  There are bound to be courses in your area or online, or maybe if you know others who write (friends/acquaintances) you could form your own group and meet at someone's house or a pub or coffee bar.  The  you can set a programme of exercises, read books of poets/authors, attend some 'open mic' sessions in your area (do some research!).  The idea is to be with others who write, whether you are a beginner or a little further on with your writing.  We can all learn something by being with others and share our passion and our work.  Small groups often go on to produce booklets of members work which can be sold locally.  The sky is the limit!

What will you be doing next year?  If you have any other ideas for writing why not share them here.

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