Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Looking forward

When I've managed to drag myself away from the TV I have been using some time to catch up on my magazine pile and I actually wrote a poem on Boxing Day morning!

Some while ago I told you that I'd never read a book by Margaret Atwood.  Well, before Christmas I bought a few books in charity shops (I was looking for stocking presents but the books caught my eye!).  Anyway, I bought The Handmaid's Tale, perhaps Atwood's best known book and I am nearly half way through it, having started it on Boxing Day.  I was craving for a book as at present I am waiting for the next Book Club read, and this is really compelling.  Set in the future in a world with a repressive state and where the only option to young women is to breed.  There is so much more to find out in this book.

The New Year is fast approaching.  I have blank diary for 2012 yet I already have lots to put into it.  I find the New Year an exciting time.  New beginnings beckon.  I make all sorts of half-hearted plans but I still find it a positive time.  January can be a depressing time, an anti-climax after Christmas and especially when the tree and decorations are packed away, but soon the days will gradually lengthen and before you know it new growth will appear in gardens followed by bright spring flowers. Can't you feel a poem or story coming on?   Around this time of year my Dad always used to say 'spring is just round the corner'.  We always laughed, but he was right.  Then longest day has gone and things are on the up!

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