Monday, 31 October 2011

Grappling with online chat

Last week's live chat with The Poetry School was weird.  I was very nervous and once things got going everything happened so fast!  I made a few comments in the beginning and then it all kind of overtook me and I found myself just watching messages come up one after the other - it was almost hypnotic.  I couldn't think fast enough to keep up with others but I managed a few feeble attempts.  We discussed Auden's 'Villanelle' and then went on to comment on each others attempts one by one.  We ran out of time (even after two hours!) and mine along with three others were left for discussion in the forums.  Actually, this gave me time to think so that I was able to make a decent contribution over the next few days.  My villanelle received good comments (why does it always surprised me when people like what I write?) and everyone seemed to enjoy it including the tutor.

Today is the last day for uploading poems for the second assignment which is a villanelle written using enjambent on lines and stanzas (lines running into the next line or stanza).  I have decided to write something more humorous this time (my first was traditional and lyrical) with a play on words. I hope it will be well received as it is so different from my previous poem. I have also written a more traditional villanelle again but have decided to take a chance! The next 'chat' is Monday week and I hope that I might be more prepared for it this time.  Well, I can hope.  At least I wasn't the only one who struggled with it so that made me feel better.

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