Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Outlets and another course!

Back in the summer I became a member of OU Poets - the poetry society of the Open University (being a past student).  They produce a workbook with members poems about four times a year on which we can send in  comments on others work and make a note of our favourite poems.  At the end of the year members vote for their 20 favourites for the year for inclusion in the Society's annual anthology. Anyway, I have contributed for the first time with my comments and have submitted two poems (you are guaranteed to at least have one poem in the workbook).  I will now have to wait a while before I hear anything but at least I will be in print, though until a poem is actually published in the anthology it is not considered 'published'.

I have also started a short course with The Poetry School on writing a Villanelle.  It is an online course and tutorials and 'chat' take place on a Monday evening every other week.  Our first 'chat' is Monday 24th October but already we have had our first assignment and have uploaded our first Villanelle.  This form of poetry I have described in a previous post.  It is a challenge I relish (it can be very time consuming!).  I have to say there are some good ones from my fellow students and this course is open to all levels of poets and I certainly feel that there are quite a few who are more advanced than me!

I am extremely nervous about the live chat as I am not great at it.  I still can't gel with Facebook and Messenger is also alien to me.  I have already had to enlist the help of my IT savvy son to sort out Java for me (which I need for 'chat').  I've told him he'll be on stand by for Monday evening!

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