Sunday, 25 September 2011

In the poetry class last week we work-shopped our poems and it was interesting to see what others wrote about and how they went about it.  There were some nice surprises, enjoyable and some moving.  Our tutor laid down some rules for workshops and we each had feedback on our writing, which is always useful and can be reassuring.  We then looked at line breaks and considered what it said about a poem, like the era it might have been written, whether a serious or light verse.  For homework we have been given some prose to break up into lines and then to explain what affect we were aiming for.

I finally sent off my short story to Best magazine (for their competition) and have been working on some exercises from the current Mslexia magazine which has produced a draft poem. I've just finished reading one of Jackie Kay's poetry books (Fiere).  The Scottish words were a challenge!  Somewhere on here (Blogger won't me give the link where I want it!) Jackie will entertain you with some Scottish words!

I see that Christopher James has a new collection coming out.  He is a recent 'find' of mine.

On 1st October I'm off to a Writer's Day put on by the Association of Christian Writers, of which I am a member.  I am particularly keen to see/meet Adrian Plass!

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