Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My winnings have arrived!

I received a cheque for my winning poem the other day - £10. 

The poem (below) had to be called This English Summer and written in the style of Gerald Manley Hopkins. The editor of Areopagus stated that I 'resisted the temptation to over-play the stylistic imitation to the extent that it might appear a caricature.  The resulting poem has a succinctness about it too, and thoughtful imagery which has great appeal' (Oooh!)

This English Summer

Pastures thirsting, sun’s ruling ray
Metallic sky, a drench, summer’s sway
Blessed rain volleys, clay soil sings
Of sultry nights and restless, sleepless things.

Sunbursts drag white vapours from the fence
Like strands of prayer which only God can sense
Days in jacquard pattern, loosely knit
Seasoned - water, fire, rainbow lit.

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