Thursday, 23 June 2011

A weekend off

Been away for a weekend themed retreat on Celtic Spirituality so haven't got back into the writing mode yet, though I have submitted a poem to the Bridport Prize which I'd left 'stewing' while I was away because it was a fairly new poem and I wanted to let it rest for a while.  Coming back to it I altered one line which grated on me a bit. Now all I can do is hope!

Creativity formed part of the retreat I attended and before lunch on the Sunday we went to the art room/conservatory to draw, paint or write poems, prayers or liturgy.  No one seemed thrilled about this, all saying they couldn't do these things, but twenty mintues later (helped by some lovely celtic music and the beautiful garden) we sat around the table and shared what we had done as part of our midday prayers.  I had written a prayer (having cheated and written it the night before because I can't do things on the spur of the moment) and also I drew a picture using wax crayons (back to childhood!).  What we shared was quite beautiful.  This was my prayer which can be used by groups:

At the height of this day
We come to you

Between morning and evening
We come to you

Where the half days meet
We come to you

Meet us at this hour
As we come to you

If you would like to know a little more about my weekend away please visit my other blog  This blog came out of that one, which started as an experiment, so you might find some poems there that are also here but then I decided to have a blog just for writing and leave the other one for more everyday stuff.  Did you follow that??!

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  1. I loved this prayer. It is deceptively simple and gets to the heart of things. I will use it in the middle of busy days. I like the repetition which I found gradually deepens the prayer.