Thursday, 16 June 2011

An explanation and apology!

I realised that after talking about my cuttings file that writers actually use this for something else.  Sorry folks. A cuttings file is really used for collecting anything from magazines, newspapers etc. that you might want to keep to spark off a piece of writing. It is always a good idea to keep snippets that interest you and that you can refer to when those moments of writers' block kick in.  I don't know why I keep my portfolio in one but I've always been weird.  So for logical reasons ignore what I said earlier and keep the cuttings file for your clipped newspaper/magazine stuff of interest and your own successes in a portfolio.

Have just sent off three entries into the Manchester Cathedral Poetry Competition.  It's a smaller competition than the Bridport so maybe I have a better chance.  I've also entered the Lightship International Prizes in the poetry section (deadline 30th June 2011).

Happy writing.

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