Monday, 25 April 2011

Practice, practice, practice

Practice, practice, practice! Yes, you've heard it all before but it is true.  The more you write the more it feels comfortable and then its easier to keep going. I always have loads of notebooks around and keep a small one with me at all times. Ideas, a word, sentence, come at odd moments and you don't want to be trying to find paper somewhere only to lose the idea.  I also keep a notebook by the bed.

Morning pages are a good idea. Write about anything for a set time. Often you will find you are being led somewhere and can form ideas for poems or stories that can be used at another time or go right in and write it there. Morning pages can be boring you find you are listing only chores to do, thinking through plans etc because you can't think what to write but being bored with it makes me then write something to get away from it! Write something every day. No where to write at home? Find a cafe or the library, make a date and time to write and use it. We can all find excuses not to write - no time, no place away from family - I use those excuses too. Don't feel guilty either, that you should be doing something else. Just do it!

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  1. Thank you for the hints on making time and space for writing which reminded me of ways to organise and discipline myself towards writing. I do morning pages (sometimes!) and agree they can be deadly but do often help to get things going.