Wednesday, 27 April 2011

I made the deadline!

I had to push myself to get the short story I was writing done to meet the deadline.  All the lovely weather we had over Easter kept calling me to the garden.  But having written it, it would be stupid not to do the editing especially as it was only around 1,000 words.  I changed it from first person to third and then did two edits.  I posted it yesterday, first class, to ensure it reaches its destination in time.

Am reading through an old copy of Writer's Forum which covers all forms of writing.  I like the interviews as I am fascinated by how others go about writing.  I also had a go at some of the poetry exercises and was reasonably pleased. There may be some I can use with a bit of editing. 

While going through a pile of magazines I came across a notebook that's not been used in ages and I was quite surprised (pleasantly!) by some of the poems I had written there.  I'd forgotten them completely so it was a nice find.

Am now working on a poem in the style of Gerard Manley Hopkins for a competition in May. He's not the easiest person to parody but I did study some of his poems last year as part of a course I took on poetry and spirituality.

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