Thursday, 14 April 2011

A great start

Have found a new great website for aspiring writers at  It covers every form of writing and as a member you can post your own work on there and other members can review it.  I'm finding the site rather addictive. There is so much to it that I have hardly scratched the surface. So whether you write short stories, novels, plays, scripts, poetry or whatever, you will find something of interest on there. More importantly you will find motivation and all writers need that!

Apart from trawling websites I have been writing a short story to enter into a competition. I'm not that confident at short story writing but this came to me one morning and I just sat down at the computer and typed it straight up.  It needs some editing and I must keep an eye on the deadline (I've missed so many deadlines in the past because I am a lazy writer - there I admit it!). My aim this year is to be more committed to my writing.

Have a great day!

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