Saturday, 9 April 2011

Flash Fiction

Sometimes I write really silly stuff. I guess it's a little like doodling on a sheet of paper. It amuses me! Let me share one of my doodles with you. 


I didn't have a Cludo what was going on.  Ludo was a friend of mine and I heard that he was caught in the Mouse Trap.  Mah-Jong told me.  Life's a Lottery and some have the Monopoly on it.  He didn't.  It was all Snakes and Ladders but mostly it was a Scrabble.  His dog Bingo had an Operation and 'Snap', just like that he was Ker Plunk.  Unfair really.  I've sat in Draughts all my life and 'Buckeroo', look at me!  Well, I feel better now I've got that off my Chess.  I'm off for Backgammon with Solitaire. (26/07/10)

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