Wednesday, 27 June 2018

National Writing Day

To celebrate National Writing Day here's a little fun flash for you featuring my favourite film! Happy writing.

What’s in a Name?

‘Did I get an invite?’ Lucy asks, her eyes searching the mantelpiece for a card.
               Figures flicker across the television screen. Lucy knows this. It’s Strictly. She hates Strictly.                ‘Turn the TV over. There must be something else on.’
               Leo leans forward for the remote and begins to channel hop.
               ‘Stop!’ Lucy waves her arms like a swan with wing co-ordination problems. Leo stares at the old lady. ‘I like this.’ She sits back and smiles.
               ‘Die Hard.’
               ‘Yes. I have a soft spot for Bruce Willis and that….German.’
               ‘He’s not really German. That’s Alan Rickman.’
               ‘I know who he is, young man. I’ve not lost it yet.’ Silence. ‘Where’s Emily?’
               ‘Making tea, remember?’ Leo rolls his eyes and then hopes she hasn’t seen.
               ‘I met your mother yesterday.’
               ‘She seemed stressed.’
               ‘It’s all the wedding stuff.’ Boredom crept into his voice.
               ‘She used to go to school with my Brenda. Did you know that?’
               ‘Yes.’ Leo sighs. He was marrying Brenda’s daughter. Of course he knew that.
               ‘I’m glad I’ve lived to see Emily settled.’
               ‘You’ll go on for years.’
               Lucy looks at him sharply then laughs. ‘He’s a nice young man she’s marrying.’
               ‘Thank you.’
               Lucy turns away. ‘Oh. I don’t think it’s you.’
               Leo’s heart stutters. ‘Yes it is. Don’t you remember? You offered to pay for the honeymoon.’
               ‘Did I?’ Lucy stares hard at the TV. ‘I do like that German man.’ Then, ‘Alan, that’s his name.’
               Leo groans. ‘Yes. I told you. Alan Rickman.’
               ‘No, not him. Alan’s the name of the man Emily’s marrying. Hasn’t she told you yet?’

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