Thursday, 17 September 2015

Writing update

Sunsets and sleep (my ideas often come at night)
It seems an age since I posted anything here. There's been a lot going on but not much to talk about. Submissions happen now and then, a few poems, a couple of pieces of flash fiction, but mainly I have been editing. I changed the first chapter of my novel into third person viewpoint, added a few edits and sent it to a friend who has looked at it before. Her feedback was good, but I seem to have lost interest in it as other things have taken off. I need a great deal of time for the novel, which I don't have right now.

The more I write the more I think that the current piece is the best I've done. Hopefully that is right, but my writing has become different too. I guess I am still experimenting with genre and styles. I had decided that I would not write anything new until I had finished my current edits, so I had at least one thing ready. Then one night when I couldn't sleep a whole piece began running through my head. In the morning I just had to write it. At present I have no idea where it is going, how long it will be (there is a tentative idea on 50,000 words?) and have hardly any notes. What I can say is that it is that this is a humorous story, a bit off-the-wall and over exaggerated. The chapters are short, around 1500 words and I decided to publish as I write on the writing community website, Scriggler. I have a couple of poems there too. Do go and have a look. So far I have written five short chapters - the working title is The Adventures of Austin Stapley - but I have so far only put the first chapter on the site. Writing has stopped with this as I really feel that I have to finish the edits to the current  project, which I will tell you about soon (I hope).

I was talking to a friend recently and she said that she felt time was running out in life and she had so many things still to do. Well, I'm eight years older than her and feel much the same! So, I am going to get my writing out there, good or bad (hopefully it's good!). I do not want to spend years submitting and sitting on abandoned manuscripts until I am too old to bother. I'm not in it for the money. I love writing and sharing my writing. I may not be the best, but I'm not the worst. I know that much. It's enough. And, for someone who claimed she had nothing to talk about, I'm now going off to work. See you soon.

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