Wednesday, 31 July 2013

#wpad July challenge - Next month I will....


*be decorating the hall and landing.  I have already cleared the porch of cobwebs and tidied.  I'm hoping to     have the carpet up by the end of the week.  Yes, we're getting a new carpet!

*continue typing up the story of my family.  I started this a few years ago after looking into the family tree so   that I could pass it down to my kids one day.  I went back to it yesterday and am making great progress.  I   am determined to finish it now;

*look into poetry writing courses to begin in September;

*think about putting a pamphlet together and research publishers;

*sort out some poems for two publications I regularly submit to and send my comments to OU Poets on  the   workbook;

*have a few days away from the decorating and the writing to enjoy myself (there are plans out there that    just need a bit of finalising!)

Thanks for reading my posts over the last month.  I hope you've enjoyed them and I hope you will continue to drop by in the future.

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