Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday poem

Two for the price of one!  I missed one post about a week ago so today I am giving you an extra poem so that I am still on target for the challenge.

21st April (this is using the prompt of 'mask' from The Poetry School)


Under the skin are flesh, muscle, tissue and bone
And that’s what we all have in common

But if I could see through the layers, through the mask
Maybe I would get to the heart of you.

Would your feelings flow through your veins with blood?
Surge like a river round every part of you?

Would I recognise you there where every hurt is exposed?
Where you try to keep it in, hold it together.

And if I cut your skin would it all come flowing out?
Would it drain you of every emotion?

I would gladly clean up the mess of your life
Here, my cuts are healing now.  Let me heal yours.


Small Stone poem

White vapour trails criss-cross the sky
merging into painterly streaks of cloud,
branches still hold their new growth in,
a brush of twigs sweep morning blue.

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