Sunday, 20 November 2011

Keeping up with courses!

If you read my other blog you'll know I've had quite a busy week with various activities and writing has been pushed out a bit.  However, I did manage to write my last Villanelle for my Poetry School course which still keeps a structure yet breaks some rules.  I wonder what everyone will make of it tomorrow night for our last live chat.

I also finished my 'Lobster' poem for the Thursday class.  We excelled ourselves I think as there were some really good poems.  I have rewritten the last few lines of the last stanza as suggested by tutor and fellow class mates and feel this is a better ending.

I have written a couple of new poems too, one is a Haiku, the other in three stanzas, so actually I have done better than I first thought considering lack of time.  Even so, I still need to read all the other Villanelle's before tomorrow night and make some notes.  I have another busy week coming fact all weeks until Christmas seem busy now, but at least I will have one course less to prepare for every week.

I've just received a copy of Christopher James The Manly Art of Knitting and enjoying his poetic humour.

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