Sunday, 7 August 2011

Looking for inspiration

From my garden
I've been reading other people's writing blogs....getting a feel for what they write, what they do.....but I waste a lot of time doing it.......I call it research!

I didn't win the micro fiction competition I entered.   Nor was I a runner up.  I shouldn't be surprised as I have less experience with fiction and have entered very few story competitions. In fact it might only be the third one!  I have been collecting the vouchers from Best magazine to enter their short story competition but right now I don't even have an idea.  The stories they publish vary - some I like, others I think aren't that great but whether I could do better - now that's the question.

Meantime I am reading through the Winter edition of Poetry Review and not exactly enjoying the poems!  One was so long I lost interest and gave up.  There was nothing to grip me. The poet must have something going for him as he's been shortlisted for the TS Eliot Prize.  What am I  missing?

My own writing has come to a's August and it's on holiday!  Well, that's my excuse.  Sometimes phrases or descriptions go through my head and I should write them down because I never remember them later.  I usually carry a notebook but the handbag I'm using at the moment is so ruddy small there's no room. Excuses,'s no good, I'll just have to get my act together.  I know one shouldn't wait for inspiration but right  now that's what I'm doing.  Any ideas?

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