Small Stones

Practice 'small stone' (30th December 2012)

Blue sky morning,
an illusion of warmth;
chill wind shivers me.


Sun's orange glow breathes a welcome to the New Year
filling me with hope and excitement for what might come.
(1st January 2013)


Two miniature rose buds, tightly curled,
the promise of petals unfurled,
a splash of pastel pink
on winter's arid palette.
(2nd January)


Head clouded with sleep,
thoughts a half formed process,
body slack in a jumble of tired bones.

(3rd January)


Struck match,
that sharp, raw incense I love,
the candle sizzles into life, flame rising,
licks the air.
A funnel of smoke
then an aura of fuzzy yellow and gold halos the light.

(4th January)


Starlings scatter on my approach
like wind through a broken fence.

(5th January)


Heat wraps around me like a sudden tide,
a sauna from the oven, windows steamed,
saucepans bubbling on the hotplates.

(6th January)

Sloshy grey watercolour sky lets loose a blanket drizzle.

(7th January)


Vapour trails criss-cross the sky,
sun lit, pinky skin toned on baby blue,
where birds arrow through,
their morning chorus now done with,
off to do whatever birds do
between the song and the next meal.

(8th January)


Bubbles dot the glass
of last nights water, still resting,
reflecting light in silver strands.

(9th January)


Between the snoring and first light
(the clock says 4.30)
a bird breaks the silence.

(10th January)


Planes drift in, wing lights winking in mornings greyness,
front beam searching across smokey sky.

(11th January)


Every wrinkle showed,
lines of life there on the computer screen.
Can that really be me?
When did I get so old?
Airbrush! Airbrush!

(On getting a new Passport photo taken!)

(12th January)

Children's laughter echoes across the park,
stunted shrubs bathe in winter's sun
and while the air numbs fingers and toes
people stay, walk and play
in the golden light
until it fades and goes.

(13th January)

Slabs of white I see through the condensation of the bathroom window.
It has snowed! It has snowed!
As I descend the stairs I see through the front door a path that is clear.
I am wrong! I am wrong!
But on entering the kitchen I see a dusting of snow in the garden,
and there a few flakes are falling.
It has come! It has come!

(14th January)


Ealing Abbey

So spacious is this Abbey,
modern, light yet quite stark,
not what you’d expect from the Catholic tradition.
Wooden roof slotted together, no nails.
We are shown where the relics are sealed into the altar,
where the monks sit for Matins.
Each of us is given a tiny medal of St Benedict
blessed with Holy Water in the palm of our hands.

(15th January)


Sun shifts and suddenly it blinds me
but I am happy to be in its light
for soon it will move away
and shine elsewhere.

(16th January)


Frost glistens, sun kissed jewels;
grass crisp under foot,
breath, a vapor in puffed intervals
follows my path as I go.

(17th January)


Fine flakes fall,
soon to cover in gossamer threads
the path, the fence, the roofs,
then faster, swirling as the wind worries them
and heavier, filling in the untouched surfaces
like an artist at his canvas.

(18th January)


Monochrome scenes through my windows
touched with dots of terracotta and green,
still, like a snapshot,
a winter world softly draped in snow.

(19th January)


Grey hangs its head all day,
gloom settles its mind.
In the night snow is in reflective mood
brightening dark spaces
where they sleep the hours away.

(20th January)


The grater lying on its side has slivers of cheese
clinging like milk teeth to the holes inside.

(21st January)


The twiggy raspberry bush dons bubble bath snow,
dolloped like the foamy spittle of insects.

(22nd January)


Winter’s hunger feeds on the fleshy tips of toes.
Then when comforted by heat the damn things itch!

(23rd January)


Melodies weave through me;
the lifeblood of songs and lyrics,
mood makers with stories I claim for myself.

(24th January)


Morning creeps into me,
the hum and click of heating pipes,
the hiss of the shower.
I drift in and out of sleep
happy to acknowledge the sounds
but happy to linger in the in between.

(25th January)


The sun has a clear run of the sky,
flooding the morning in yellow hue.
In its low slung shine
it casts grey shadows against stone and tile,
larger than life,
stamping its mark.

(26th January)


Freedom - the act of going hatless again!

(27th January)


As I work the box lid off
the pent-up aroma of chocolate is let loose
and I come undone.

(28th January)


The fleece is snuggle soft.
It reminds me of those early days of motherhood
before the teenage silences and not sitting with me on the bus!
Then he sat close, cuddled and fell asleep on me.
I could wrap him in my arms, kiss his blond hair and wonder.

(29th January)


Blue Sea Sky

Islands of clouds merge and separate in the blueness,
the wind urging their greetings and partings;
gulls circle in the sunlight like silver bullets.
Planes take the straighter route home.

(30th January)


Small stones cast like runes across a page
cause a ripple on the surface,
letters reveal shared stories,
likes and comments boomerang back
and within in this protected place
friendships form
and small stones gather in our hearts.

(31st January)

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  1. Very enjoyable. Signed up to Small Stones, but just got busy with history stuff. I'm sure you could put some of these together to form larger boulders!