Saturday, 7 October 2017

Flashes, poems and a bookfest

Paragraph Planet (September)
My month with Kickstart Your Creative Heart is over and I ended up writing quite a lot in the end. I didn't use all the prompts. Some worked better than others but I did get back into a routine - my preferred early morning start. I found I was enjoying the process of writing again, so by taking this online course it achieved its purpose.

It's that time when I am waiting to hear about various submissions. In the meantime I have been published by Paragraph Planet again and Visual Verse have my poem Beached published on their website as part of this month's photo prompt (page 15, if you are interested).

I need to start thinking about submissions again and at some point looking at one of my novels. Knowing that will take a long time I'm tending to put that on a back burner and work with flash, short stories and poems. And I have rather a lot of distractions at present with a busy week or so coming up. The Wimbledon Bookfest has started and I have tickets to see Tracy Chevalier and Matt Haig. Looking forward to those evenings.

I have just finished reading a book about creative writing. Most of the 'how-to' parts is what I know but there was a another section about marketing yourself which I found most interesting and has made me think again about whether I should be doing more. Some things to mull over for sure.

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