Friday, 4 August 2017

A delight to read - Dining on Words

I've been reading at the rate of knots lately (it fills in that space when I should be writing, ha!), but one book I have been dipping in and out of is Dining on Words from members of the Yorkshire Writers' Lunch. The book, split into sections entitled A Cheeky Cocktail,  Starters and Light Bites and Side Dishes etc., contains snippets, flash, short stories and poems. There are even a few stories written as a collaboration (sounds difficult). The snippets include members journeys into writing, always a fascination for me, and how the Yorkshire Writers' Lunch came about.

The group has a blog which I have followed for a while and some of the members have published novels. It was through reading the blog that I decided to buy this book. Actually, I put it on my Christmas list last year, so it was bought for me! With my backlog of books I've only now got round to reading it. This is a nice collection of stories and poems and a delight to read. I particularly liked the collaborative Level Four, a story seen from multiple view points. It works really well. The contributors write thought provoking, amusing and sometimes personal pieces. You can purchase the book from Amazon. As the book cover says - it's a tasty selection!


  1. Great feedback, Heather. Collaborations are indeed difficult, but boy, have we learnt a lot from each other!

  2. Thank you Heather! Your support is really appreciated!