Sunday, 22 January 2017

Mini retreat

A nice conservatory to write and read in
If you have been reading my other blog (and why wouldn't you?) you will know that I am at present on a sort of retreat - a retreat to walk, read and write. This is my second full day (only one left to go 😩 ) Apart from all the walking and photo taking I have been writing. Oh yes, I have my laptop, my notebook, a case load of pens and pencils, a copy of Writing Magazine and the book Writer to Writer where my prompts are coming from.

The author of Writer to Writer, Gail Carson seems to be a writer of children's mythical/fantasy books so a lot of the prompts are rather child orientated, such as 'write about two school friends/dragons' etc. Not me. However, some of the prompts work. I substitute the kids for adults and put them in similar situations and one story I've written does have creatures from another place. So, I am expanding my genres. When a prompt doesn't work (there are usually 3-5 in each chapter to choose from) I use something similar. Yesterday's chapter offered nothing I could work with in story form so I turned it around and wrote a poem instead. You make things work for you. I've ended up with all sorts of flash and short stories using this book, despite it not being quite what I thought it was to work with.

I am writing something daily. Being on ones own really helps! And just to prove that work is happening here are a few photos.

A comfy lounge

My desk

The treat drawer!

Work in progress

[I am staying in Limehouse in London (The Royal Foundation of St Katharine)]

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