Monday, 7 November 2016

Reward system......oh and a published flash story

Sometimes, because I'm not a fan of housework, I set up a reward system, like if I do the ironing I can go back to reading that book, or if I clean the kitchen first I can then do some writing. It works, especially when the housework has built up!

Today it was I will clean the top of the cooker, then write. So I sprayed it with a solution you leave on for a bit and went to check my emails (that's not writing!) and saw one from Visual Verse. Yes, my flash story has been published on their site! I went to check it out and thereafter I began flitting between twitter and Facebook before I remembered the cooker top. Yes, I did go back and clean it and now I am free to write (though there is a basket of ironing staring at me so I feel another reward style thing coming on).

My story is called Marigolds (you will need to scroll down a fair bit on the home page) and this one is very close to my heart.

Have a lovely day whether it's writing or houseworking!

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