Friday, 15 July 2016

What have I been doing in the last month?

I haven't posted here in a few weeks and I've been trying to remember what I've been doing all this time in the writing world!

Well, I've been drawn back to poetry. I can't even remember what sparked it off now. All I know is that I've written a few poems. Ah, I know. After purchasing the most excellent book How (Not) to get you Poetry Published by Helena Nelson from the most excellent HappenStance Press I decided to sign up as a subscriber. I chose my free poetry booklet and received a bundle of free goodies which arrived on a day when I was feeling a bit off colour. That perked me up!

While working through the book (why have I never read this before?) I did some of the poetry exercises and there you go! Before I knew it I was looking at my better poems and sending them off to small press magazines and entering some competitions. I haven't yet finished reading the book but I am learning a whole lot about the poetry business.

I received a second rejection for my novel and my current novel writing has ground to a bit of halt. It's not that I don't know where it's going. I have scenes ready to write and I still like it. It's just that the momentum has ceased for the present. It will get written, that I know.

Also in the post recently came the new issues of Brittle Star and Popshot Magazine. I've already devoured Popshot. I adore it - the stories, the poems and the wonderful artwork. If you like a mixture of stories and poetry both these magazines are worth checking out.

At the end of last month I also went along to a small writer's group which meets in the library of the town next to mine. There are about four members. It's been going about two years and was started by someone at the library, I think. They meet for one hour once a month. All ladies. All doing various courses (Literature or writing courses). They were very welcoming. I took along a poem and part of the first chapter from the novel I am currently writing. We shared what we had brought and gave feedback. It was certainly nice to have others to talk to about writing and I shall go again, though I might not make the next one as I may be away.

A lady who I play sport with on a Friday goes to a writing class run by Adult Education. She complained that the group was now so big that sharing pieces was difficult. I jokingly said perhaps I should start my own group and she was quite enthusiastic. It got me thinking and I'm still thinking.

I have been buying some poetry too but I will come back to those books another day as I am either still reading them or, in the case of two, waiting for them to arrive in the post!

Finally, I have been writing short stories and a 500 word flash fiction piece. All are or will be submitted in the next few days.

So there we are. While I thought I had been doing nothing much in the last month I have in fact been quite busy. So, what are you reading? What are you writing?

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