Saturday, 16 April 2016

NaPoWrMo - Day 16 - making concrete images?

Something a bit concrete today? The optional NaPoWriMo prompt for day 16 is to fill out an Almanac Questionnaire in five minutes and then write a poem  based on one or several answers (real or imagined). I have to say that thought this might be a waste of time (yea of little faith) but I'm pleased with the result. In fact I ended up using some of the questionnaire words as part of my poem and/or incorporating them with other images they sparked. I probably would never have written something like this without a prompt!

In the city where buildings loom into the night sky,
where books are read by mothers in warm bedrooms,
I walk the borders near to the house where I once lived
listening to the foxes bark as they run the alleyways.

Home - where family customs were observed
and sibling conspiracy was a defragmented jigsaw,
where my mother dressed me in the dark velvet dress
with lace collar, clogging, and against all I was.

And the cold bricks fired the cold north rooms
where icicles formed on the insides of the windows.
I dreamed of unicorns and anywhere not here.

I sought somewhere else to make my own headlines.

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