Friday, 1 April 2016

NaPoWriMo here I come!

I probably don't have time for this but I'm a sucker for a challenge. Today is the start of a month of poetry. See here. Now, I have not written any poetry for ages as I've been so caught up in fiction writing, yet this morning I wrote one! It was one of those flash moments when something I saw stirred me and suddenly I had to write about it in the form of a poem. I was quite pleased with myself.

I then discovered that it was NaPoWriMo (see above) and I wondered....could I write a poem a day after all this time? I looked at the prompt for today (though you don't have to use them) and I noticed it was a form of Haiku - and English form called a Lune (a three line poem with a 5-3-5 syllable count). Never come across this before but I do like writing a Haiku. However, I could not for the life of me think of anything to write about! So, I went on a search around the Internet and found that there was a river called Lune which travels through Cumbria to Lancashire for 44 miles and that Turner painted there. That got my interest and I thought it was a nice play on the form itself! This Lune poem therefore comes from this research. Hope you like it. I can't promise to keep up writing a poem every day throughout April but I shall certain try.
(NB. The shepherds crook is part of the river which comes back on itself - one of Turner's spots).

River Lune 

In the shepherds crook
Turner paints;

Man and river merge.

For one of Turner's paintings of the River Lune click here.

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