Sunday, 27 March 2016

Branding...the all important word

I've been thinking about this 'branding' term ever since I attended the writer's conference in Brighton, and have decided that I need to take this seriously and pick a genre I'm most happiest writing and see if I have the potential to write a second novel in that genre. I've come to the conclusion that seeing as the novel I'm editing and want to send out there into the world of agents is the humorous one. So I set about looking for a follow up idea and I have some! It's not a series but different characters. A new story entirely.

I've began making notes, finding characters and  ideas for a plot. I've jotted down some scenarios and am beginning to get to know my characters, asking them questions, looking at their backstory and connections. I now have a working title and have written the first 700 words. An opening scene came to me and to get it on paper (or computer screen) makes it real. There is a lot research to do and I still need to get into the heads of my characters. The lead one is easier, the others I need to live with for longer. Still, there is no hurry. Even so, as I was writing I was conscious how good it felt to be creating again and I fell into the humour like a duck to water.

I've also been thinking about writers' conferences. I have decided not to attend the one in Winchester this year but have been looking at Swanwick. The full programme is not out yet. Last years looked brilliant. Lots to think about.

Have a Happy Easter everyone.

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