Sunday, 13 December 2015

Another success to share and the Myers Briggs Personality Profilfing for Writers

A small success to brag about (oh let me brag?!). I have just had another 75 word piece of flash fiction published on Paragraph Planet. This piece was in fact edited down from a 250 word piece which I sent somewhere else and was not picked. Just goes to show what editing can do while still keeping the concept.

This year I have submitted six pieces of flash fiction to Paragraph Planet, and this is the fourth success! Not bad.
Changing the subject, while on Twitter this morning I came across an article about writers and Myers Briggs Personality Profiling - something that has interested me for a few years now. This is the first time I've seen anything about how it affects writers. My type is INTJ and what I read was interesting. However there was another link which detailed how each type thinks and write. That was even more fascinating and quite insightful. If you click here you can find out all about how Myers Briggs works and follow other links to discover even more.

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