Sunday, 20 December 2015

A writer's resource - check it out

Christmas is almost here!
While I was busy drafting a short story yesterday I went searching for a word to describe something (one of those moments when the brain freezes!) and came across a website that so fascinated me that for a while I was distracted from my writing. Click here and see for yourself. This is a great little resource for writers and soon I was clicking into pages and sub-pages on all sorts of subjects - stuff I had written about (a good way of checking that I'd got things right, or near-as). Every subject you can think of seems to be mentioned from forensics (ah, yes I was on that page!) to plot writing, word building and vocabulary along with medical research, aliens and weapons. I could spend a week on here non stop and not have read everything. There are links to other sites for more information on a subject, tips on writing - I have hardly broken the surface.

This has to be the find of the year! So I thought I'd follow the site and seem to have ended up with a 'page' on Tumblr. I'm not even sure what I'm doing with it! I know nothing about Tumblr. Could be a good time to explore it as I'm technically not writing at the moment (ha!).

Anyway, I though I'd pass on this wonderful website and hope you find something there that might help you in your writing. Happy reading!

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