Thursday, 19 November 2015

The getaway

Today hubby and I off to Winchester for a few days. I'm excited because I love this place. Had a hard job booking anywhere - seems the world and his wife a descending on Winchester this week - but we've found one small B&B with only one guest room and we have it! It's in a side road off the main attractions. So the suitcase is partly packed (ran out of time last night) and my only worry is getting 'the hubs' out of house in time for the train we want to catch (who said women take their time. I am always waiting for the men of the house!).

Yesterday (thanks to techie son) I was washing and ironing like there was no tomorrow. He'd decided to clear up his room and put out two wash loads of clothes. Was I mad! Clothes have been draping all over the lounge, though I managed to get one load dry on the line outside. I was ironing last evening between helping to collect up the waste bins (it was bins and recycle night!), wash up and clean out the guinea pigs!

On starting to pack I thought about coats. The weather forecast is predicting arctic conditions by the weekend so I pulled out my warmer jacket, decided it needed a wash and shoved it in the machine. It dries quickly and, hey presto, it is dry this morning!

I have gathered together the important stuff - books, something to write in, pencil case (with my youngest son's name still emblazoned on it from school days!), Starburst sweets, my Galaxy Tablet and the keyboard techie son bought me, plus charger (fits both device and phone).

I have been practicing with my Tablet. In fact yesterday's post and photo was done on it! Impressed eh? I have loaded a Word App because I find it easier to write in it and then it's a cut and paste job. I was very proud of myself when I managed to link the Bluetooth keyboard to my device all on my own. However, I know that as soon as I try to use it away from the comfort of home (and my support base - my wonderful sons, washing notwithstanding!) I shall be tearing my hair out. My favourite cafe - Eighteen 71 has free WiFi access, so that is where I shall be! I don't think our accommodation, being so small, has WiFi.

So, with any luck I will posting some interesting accounts of the trip, maybe even some photos. If not, you will know I have collapsed in the cafe in despair over WiFi and my device which suddenly is an alien to me! At least cafe Eighteen 71 is worth collapsing in - great food and drink - no better place to meltdown in! See you - or not!

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