Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Writing for pleasure

All this sunny weather has given me inspiration to write a little poetry. I began writing a couple of poems about a certain part of my garden. Over the days I have been adding to it and now have a sequence of five poems. I rather like them. I even like the title, and for once I didn't have to struggle for ages over the choice.

For the moment I've stopped submitting to competitions and magazines. I've become disillusioned with it all. For now, I'm writing for pleasure with no thought about anything else. I have no plans and that is rather refreshing. I'm sure I'll come back to that side of things some time. I am, as they say. going with the flow and just enjoying writing what I want, when I want. All the rejection slips have rather taken the pleasure out of writing lately and I need to step back for a while.

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