Friday, 13 March 2015

The editing goes on....

I've just completed the second edit of my novel and added another seven thousand words to it. I had intended to have a break from it but found myself back at the opening chapter revising it. So, the third edit has begun. This one I'm doing on the computer (the second edit I did on the hard copy, pen and paper and then transferred the amendments to the laptop).

I also decided to get some feedback. Last year a friend offered to read my manuscript when it was done. Yesterday I emailed her and said it's not done but would you read the first two chapters? She agreed. I whisked them off with a set of questions. Now I am waiting nervously to hear what she thinks. All sorts of thoughts are going through my head - it's rubbish, amateurish, it's boring or maybe she even likes it? As always my confidence is scraping the floor.

I've realised it is a year since I first began writing this novel. I still like the story line and there I parts I love and still enjoy reading. What I worry about is how well written it is. How does it actually sound to others. I'm particularly worried about the beginning and feel it might need a complete re-write. But I'm so close to it that I may not be seeing things clearly which is why I decided to let someone else take a look. Now I have the agony of waiting.

I'm tempted to enter the Mslexia short story competition as I have one story that fits the length (now I've done some edits). It is ready to go but it's a £10 entry fee. All my money seems to go on competition fees these days.

I have also sent out a few more poems - no results from anything from the previous batch yet - but I'm not holding my breath. Meanwhile I have booked a slot at Croydon Library for their Poetry Hour on 21st March.

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