Thursday, 19 February 2015

Writing 201: Poetry (day 4)

The prompt from Writing 201 has got me this time. The object of today's poem is an animal written in the 'concrete form' using enjambment. I have already spend too long on this today and basically have given up!

Concrete poems are basically a picture poem, the words are set out in the form of the object they are portraying. I have done this once before using the Christmas tree as my concrete form and it worked really well. But this time I'm stuck. I found a poem written many years ago which I edited a little about a pet my kids had but forming this into a picture proved impossible. I tried an outline of the critter, then the wheel it used and back again to the outline. It was awful and unrecognizable as anything! So my poem isn't a concrete poem but it is about an animal and has enjambment. Two out of three can't be bad!

There is silence now.
I look across at the empty cage
washed clean, packed, ready
to be stored
and I expect to see her
rampaging from food to drink,
her marble grey fur sleek
against her tiny form.
I still listen for the clatter-
clatter of the exercise wheel
in the night but the life
of a Russian Dwarf hamster

is short and now all is quiet.

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