Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Writing 201: Day 3

Feeling a bit more with it today for writing. The prompt for today caused me to sigh - acrostic. I do struggle with those. Still it turned out better and more inspirational than the limerick yesterday! There were three elements to this one as well:

Trust (theme) – acrostic – internal rhyme. Oh joy. My mind went into overdrive and to tackle it I needed a title. I rarely have titles for my poems until the end and even then I struggle! But I needed something to work with and then commandeered the Thesaurus!

Strangely (or not you might say after reading it) this poem was written quickly. There was a line I didn't like but changing a word, which was always the one used for the internal rhyme, I had to change another! This happened three times as I sought words that I felt worked better. For a poem that took perhaps half an hour to write, maybe a little more, I am pleased with the way it turned out.

Reasonable Doubt

Right from the start you had the art of pulling me in
Easing your way through layers of brick and cement
Able to split the cracks, pouring in charm by the sack full,
Seasoned with laughter and promises of ever after.
Overtures thundered through me yet even as hope wondered
Naivety never consumed me; I knew what was at stake
And still let you breeze in so much did I want to believe.
But base instinct had me mentally re-erecting the walls
Long before the door shut on your retreating back
Ego still intact, me on the attack, filling in the blessed cracks.

Doubtless you are still being careless with your love,
Omitting to say that this is a carefree game you play.
Unfaithful hearts will break and yours is damn near fake.
Bewitch and beguile while you can, it won’t last,
Taste the pleasure now for pain will possess you at its leisure.

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