Sunday, 8 February 2015

Kingston Libraries poetry prize event

I have been very slow this year with my poetry but seeing some deadlines coming up and with previous entries to competitions coming back into circulation I have today sent some of them out again. I had a batch of poems which didn't make a pamphlet prize so I looked at them again, did a small amount of tweaking and have sent them somewhere else. Another three poems I have sent off to a magazine to see if I have any luck there.

The writing of new poems hasn't really happened and though I've been reading poetry the desire to write hasn't been there. That's not quite true. Late at night before I go to sleep I sometimes write the odd thing in a book I keep by the bed. They are first drafts of which one might have potential.

Still on the poetry theme, I attended Kingston Library yesterday afternoon for the poetry prize event. A poem of mine had been commended and I was invited to read it. Because of nerves I cannot remember the names of the other prize winners (except one) but hopefully the details will be on the Library website soon and I will post the link. The winning poems were on a display board in the side room of the library where we were and as well as Alison Hill (poet and judge) who read a few of her own poems on the competition theme of remembrance, Alison Townsend from the Library service read some favourite poems including one by Pam Ayres about motherhood and getting your kids off to school (I remember it well!). There was a contribution from another poet and we had music from Catherine Paver a singer/songwriter. The winning entries were read by those who were able to attend and Alison Townsend read poems by those unable to come.

My poem was a personal one so I had to get over the emotional side of it. I felt I read it well but realised I didn't look up (so much to think about isn't there?). Still, this is only the second time I have read in public and it was certainly easier than the first time. I think knowing the venue and what to expect helped too.

After the event we were invited for a photo shoot and were able to meet one another. Two ladies were local, the winner came all the way from Cambridge.The name of the 3rd prize winner was one I thought I recognised but unfortunately the lady wasn't able to attend. When I got home I checked out the name (I knew she lived in Devon) and yes she is also a contributor to Areopagus magazine. What a shame she couldn't be there so we could meet but it is a long way to come.

I have my £10 book voucher prize (what to spend it on?) and I feel very proud to have made it into the winners list two years running. There were many more entries this year too. That also boosts my confidence.

Now it is back to editing the novel. Not half way through the second edit yet but getting there.

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