Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Second edit has begun.

My work space for the second edit - a chair and the floor!
January has certainly been a 'bit of a month'. Lots of personal frustrations and the house seems to be rebelling by fusing its lights and the internet came out in sympathy. All sorts going on which has affected my moods. I haven't been able to make any decisions or get any enthusiasm for anything let alone writing. I felt I should be signing up for a poetry course but couldn't physically do it and when my next art history course was cancelled because the tutor could no longer run it I was quite relieved. I've even cancelled things because I wasn't up to it. I've been a right moody cow. Music just about kept me sane.

I ran off the first twenty-five pages of my novel ready for the second edit but then put it away without a second glance. One quiet morning last week I pulled out the file, picked up my red pen and started on the first paragraph. Since then I have used that first hour of the morning while I am alone to edit. I'm taking it slowly and only edit a few pages at a time then go back the next morning and re-read the alterations, maybe do further edits and then carry on to a new page.

This edit is very different. I do it in silence which is opposite to how I normally write with music pounding through headphones. It feels serious and I think it is good to have different ways of working at different stages. I've no idea how others do it. I know Ian Rankin has certain CD's he uses when writing so I am in good company!

The more time I edit the nearer I get to the decision on sending the novel out there which is both exciting but overwhelmingly terrifying. With novels there is so much time and effort spent and if no likes it enough to publish you have to either consider self-publishing, stuff it away and start again - or give up writing which I can't see I'd ever do. I'd write for myself if all else failed.

I'm feeling a little more positive about things today which is why I'm blogging. Small steps, small steps.

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