Monday, 16 June 2014

Start Writing Fiction...the end!

I worried. I pondered. I edited. I worried! Yes, the short piece of fiction was finally completed, submitted and I've received feedback on it. Originally I read my story to my son full of enthusiasm (me, not him!) but his comments were a little negative about certain parts. However, his comment about a gun I mention in the story was helpful because he was able to tell me that the shotgun would not react the way I'd mentioned. So I asked what would and I changed the description to a hand gun. (I never asked him how he knew this!) So, research what you don't know.....or think you do know!! Don't guess - check.

From his other comments I made some small edits but I worried about it. I went on to the Facebook page with my concerns - they are a lovely group. I submitted the story yesterday and this morning I had three reviews, all positive, a few comments about how perhaps I could expand certain areas but two people really enjoyed it and one mentioned my research!!

I can relax now. I have completed the course and come through it much better than I expected. I still don't think my story writing will ever take over from my poetry writing because I'm not moved to write stories with the same urgency but maybe that will come in time. How knows. I don't know where my writing fits either, certainly not the mainstream women's magazines. My stories can be a bit wacky and I've noticed that since I've been reading more crime/thrillers I've been writing more in that direction but the research needed for those is immense and I don't think I would have the patience. Anyway, it has certainly helped me look at my novel in a new light - lots of editing, should I ever finish it!

There is a link on the course to the OU OpenLearn site which runs a creative writing course and I may visit in time but I have promised myself a break. I have one other course to complete online (nothing to do with writing) and I have signed up for a one day study course next month on First World War Artists including a visit to the Imperial War Museum. That's it, for now. Summer is coming and the outdoors beckons. Perhaps if I get bored I might return to my novel!

In case you are inspired, FutureLearn intend to run the course again this year. It's free, interactive, supportive and a great way to get you writing. You never know where it might lead.

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