Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Out of season writing

How do you write about something 'out of season'? Specifically I'm talking about Christmas poetry. In 2003 I had a poem published in a Christian anthology for a charity. I was rather chuffed as there was a forward by the then Archbishop of Canterbury! Since then I have occasionally received mailings from the editor inviting me to submit to other projects. This time it is an anthology for poetry and short prose celebrating Advent and Christmas.

I put the letter aside but it kept reminding me to do something. Today is that day. However, getting in the mindset of Christmas with all its festivities when the sun is shining from a clear blue sky and spring flowers colour the garden is very difficult. To get me in the mood I pulled out an Advent retreat book and tried to submerge myself in words and images. I began making notes and then started drafting some lines. Eventually something sprang to mind and I went with it.

Earlier, while thinking over this post, another idea came to me and I have just finished drafting that out. This idea was harder to pin down and I couldn't find the right words for some verses and then I got stuck at the end. But I'm happy with result now it's on the computer. I will be working on it again in a few days and as long as I am happy I will submit them both. I do have until the end of June to submit them but, as I've learnt from experience, sitting on things often means missed deadlines.

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